What to Wear

Imagine that all your clothing choices were somehow for one person. Pick a patterned item for one person in your family (i.e. a boldly printed/colorful dress for your daughter) then select the rest of the family’s clothing from the colors within that first outfit). Guys photograph best in jeans rather than shorts or khakis. Women look stunning in a fun/flirty dress or jeans and a fun top. Once you have the basics down, it will be easy to coordinate your group’s clothing for your family portraits. Layering clothing is a simple but fun way to add dimension and texture to your portraits. And don’t forget the fun accessories!! If you need ideas, head over to my friend Brooke’s Noonday page for beautiful jewelry and scarves that are made by artisans around the world. Accessories can help bring a look together. Use one or two accessories per person to complete an outfit and make it look polished. Last but not least, always wear something that makes you feel good!

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