The love of a mother…

I have been thinking lately about the love that parents have for their children… as I have been such a blessed recipient of this kind of love… as well as also witnessed this love between those around me. It is amazing to watch my friends make this transition into sleepless nights, achy bodies, but lots and lots of joy discovered in being a mom. And, I know this is very much the same for fathers as well…. When I received the picture in the previous post of my brother with his newly adopted ethiopian son Levi being held in a baby bjorn, I just thought: “this is so right.” I have seen my sister-in-law (in pictures) with a baby held tightly in her arms as if to say: “I am here no matter what comes our way…” And it is a beautiful, glorious gift…this whole parenthood thing. I have a lot of friends who are expecting their first babies…and a lot of friends who recently have had babies… and I love seeing the way parenthood has changed them… grown them…. blessed them… And even for those who long for a child and ache because it seems impossible, it is beautiful to see those men and women nurture the children in their neighborhood, church, and family….I so look forward to the day my husband and I become parents…. but until then, I have so much fun celebrating with those around me and seeing all of this beauty unfold.

I have done a few  sessions lately with mothers that I would love to share with you….



And I would be ridiculous if I didn’t include a few pictures of some of the most amazing mothers I know…



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