Rose Bowl Parade 2010: Pasadena, California

Living in Pasadena has many advantages…. one of which included attending the Rose Bowl Parade yesterday! It is quite the event around here. To illustrate that, let me describe New Years Eve to you on Colorado Blvd. RV’s and campers arrive a few days early to find street parking near the parade route. Fathers and Mothers tape off sections on the sidewalk. Fights break out between those who taped off a section and left the area and those who arrived ready with their chairs, blankets, and air mattresses. Yes, you heard me right… air mattresses. In Pasadena, Colorado Blvd. is lined with people camping out from the evening the night before the Rose Bowl parade to secure their spot on the route. As Tony and I walked to dinner on New Years Eve, we saw people with microwaves on tables next to their air mattresses and chairs… we saw tables with chairs around it and people sitting there at a nice candlelit dinner eating together on the sidewalk. We saw children bundled up in camping chairs playing their gameboys… It was unbelievable. I apologize for not having my camera with me… but I thought describing it would capture its own image in your minds. It was crazy.

Tony and I unexpectedly received free tickets to sit in the bleachers on the morning of the Rose Bowl Parade… This was a perfect way to experience the Rose Bowl parade for the first time… and STILL be able to sleep in our bed the night before! The floats are designed years in advance… it takes hours upon hours to finish every little detail of these floats… it takes a ton of volunteers who are willing to contribute ‘sweat hours’ just to participate in the excitement leading up to January 1.

We had a great time on New Years Day at the Parade and enjoyed a breakfast casserole I threw together last minute upon our return to the house. It was a great start to 2010.



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