Notre Dame 20, USC 16

Since I am an uprooted Notre Dame fan who is now living in Southern California, I was pretty excited to watch this game. I was even more excited when Notre Dame scored their final touchdown with just 4 minutes to go. I can’t believe this is the first time they have won in 9 years. 9 YEARS. With the new head coach’s leadership and an impressive performance by Michael Floyd and FRESHMAN (aka, 18 year old) Tommy Reyes who stepped up, the Irish were able to leave USC territory with another win towards a possible bowl game. This SoCal Irish fan is very excited… now, if only I could have scored a few tickets to see the game in person instead of on my TV screen! It would be even better to get a media pass to capture some of this action with my camera.

The excitement of this game in conjunction with rainy, cool weather made it feel like a perfect fall football Saturday in the midwest. It was lovely. Here is a picture of me taken last Halloween. It’s complete with my jersey, shoulder pads (blankets?), and a little eyeshadow under the eyes.

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