MTV Ultimate Parkour Challenge: Los Angeles Photography

Brian and I wandered down to Pershing Square in Los Angeles where MTV was filming the show “Ultimate Parkour Challenge.” We spent the day hanging out, watching the Parkour athletes practice (and show off a bit), and generally, learn all the work that goes into filming a one hour show. crazy. We also made some friends with some pretty sweet people who have been on the streets for the past few years. It was a blessing to hear their stories and hear some of their hopes and dreams…

Back to parkour, it was fun to see a whole MTV series devoted to this, since this is an activity that some of my friends did a lot during college! I definitely think a background in gymnastics and/or martial arts makes parkour MUCH more exciting to watch. Has anyone seen The Office episode that features parkour?? hilarious! Here are a few images I captured from yesterday…

The show itself is a little cheesy, but the guys are pretty stinkin’ awesome. I wonder if there are any women doing Parkour??



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