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Hello there

My name is Christen. For the past 8 years, I have had the amazing joy of being a professional photographer in Michigan, Los Angeles, and most recently, Turkey.

I am passionate about listening to and capturing the stories of others. I desire to tell the stories of my clients through photographs and help each person see the beauty and uniqueness in who they are and the relationships that they have.

I am a creative at heart. {ENFP} I love dreaming up possibilities for how to incorporate your story into a portrait series and I am not afraid to take risks so your story is told with authenticity and creativity. 

If you trust me to capture your story, whether it's of your wedding day or surviving the craziness and fun of having little children, or you celebrating YOU being bravely and beautifully independent, I will not take that trust lightly. Call me or send me a message, I'd love to treat you to a cup of coffee and listen to your story. 



Want to hire me as your photographer?

Let's talk! Call or Text Me at (616) 796-4519