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    Hello!! My name is Christen Bordenkircher! I am a professional photographer that specializes in telling the stories of children, families, couples, and individuals through on-location lifestyle and portrait sessions. While I am currently based in West Michigan, I am still booking clients in Southern California and Northern Indiana so contact me about my next trip.

    Welcome to my very little 'corner' of the world, here on the blog, where I celebrate the stories of my clients and the daily beauty I see everyday. I hope you leave here feeling inspired, excited, and with a greater understanding of authentic beauty and the dignity of truth.

    Your life is a story that needs to be told. I will listen and learn about you and your loved ones with my lens. You have your own culture with distinct behaviors, vivid expressions, raw emotions, and sacred relationships. My vision is for you to have a renewed appreciation for your unique beauty that sets you apart from everyone else.

Laura & Jeff: West Michigan Wedding Photography: Part I

Laura and Jeff win the award for the most laid back couple to ever get married… Even on their wedding day, they were more focused on encouraging others and inviting others to enjoy the day.  Laura and Jeff planned a wedding weekend extravaganza for all of their friends and family.

  • They dressed up and participated in a community mannequin night in downtown Holland before they got married. (Pictures to be posted soon!)
  • They followed it up with a late night out at the Lake where they roasted marshmallows around a bonfire and embraced the beauty around them.
  • On their wedding day, they played ultimate frisbee,
  • dove into Lake Michigan (in September!),
  • and completely ENJOYED their day.

If there were brief moments of stress, I didn’t notice because they were always over-shadowed by joy and laughter.

Laura made an absolutely STUNNING bride.

Laura and Jeff’s first look was oh-so-perfect. Now, Jeff has seen Laura dress up in a variety of outfits just because she is that awesome and works with youth. Her outfits have included Wilma Flintstone, a crazy cowgirl, and all sorts of other characters…But this was the first time that Jeff saw Laura as a bride. She wore joy and anticipation with such grace.

Laura and Jeff’s first look was oh-so-perfect. Now, Jeff has seen Laura dress up in a variety of outfits just because she is that awesome and works with youth. Her outfits have included Wilma Flintstone, a crazy cowgirl, and all sorts of other characters…But this was the first time that Jeff saw Laura as a bride. She wore joy and anticipation with such grace.

Laura and Jeff’s first look was oh-so-perfect. Now, Jeff has seen Laura dress up in a variety of outfits just because she is that awesome and works with youth. Her outfits have included Wilma Flintstone, a crazy cowgirl, and all sorts of other characters…But this was the first time that Jeff saw Laura as a bride. She wore joy and anticipation with such grace.

 They requested some time after their first look to exchange gifts to one another and have some time to connect with God. I (mostly) gave them that time but I couldn’t resist capturing the sweetness of this completely honest moment.

 A little bit of rain did not dampen their spirits.

These are their people.

Let me repeat, these are their people.

I love how much Laura, Jeff, and their family and friends enjoy life and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Laura’s fantastic shoe of choice were her chacos. Unlike bridesmaid dresses, you can wear these over, and over, and over again. Whether you are hiking mountains, forging rivers, or getting married, these are your shoes. 


En vogue?

Laura and Jeff have a natural, authentic kind of love.

Thank you Maria!! 

There were many words of truth spoken over Laura and Jeff by many people who have been a part of there lives – both individually and together.

Laura and Jeff come from two amazing families that celebrated their marriage with enthusiasm and FUN. What a joy to see how two sets of parents can impact this new family being started.

Laura and Jeff, thank you so much for inviting me to capture this sacred time in your lives… Your love for God, for each other, and those around you is so inspiring and contagious. All that I experienced in both of you was a deep love for others that influenced every single detail of your wedding day. Thank you. I look forward to hearing about and capturing your love as it unfolds in the years ahead.

May you continue to feel your community wrap around you in the months and years ahead. And I will be posting Flintstone pictures in Part II of your blog preview.;)


Megan and Dan: Anticipating Baby O

Meet Megan and Dan.

Megan: Pensive. Adventurous. Brave. Generous. Caring. Beautiful. Hard-working. Short.

Dan: Funny. Kind. Servant-hearted. Avid Rock Climber. Smitten with his wife. Tall.

Together, they are a pensive, hilarious couple who love to serve together, climb mountains, look at each other and embrace life with a deep-rooted love in and from God that compels them to bravely love others. Baby O is one blessed little baby.:)


Sweet at Three: Stubbornly Beautiful.

When I think about my own childhood of what I wore, I remember a few fights with my mom about not wanting to wear a dress or skirt to a various event or special occasion. I remember not feeling particularly pretty on certain days nor being especially excited to wear whatever it was that I needed to wear. I can’t help but think, as I review these Matilda Jane clothes, that my Mom and I may have avoided some of those typical mother-daughter battles over clothing if we had known about the beautiful MJC collection. I have always loved bright colors and unique designs. So, you can imagine my delight in seeing this sweet three-year old enjoy dancing around in this outfit from Matilda Jane.

I had to include some of the images of Sweet Iva with her mom because these images seem to reflect one of the values of the company itself. Creating beautiful clothes that you don’t have to fight with your daughter to wear — because they are unique, bold, and whimsical – your little girl will just want to twirl, play in the mud, and enjoy time with you.


Meet Iva: Sweet. Perceptive. Flexible. Joy-filled. Strong-willed. Affectionate. Intelligent.

She is twirling in the following:

Cloudy Puffer Tee

Love Bug Knot Top

Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings

Iva is stubbornly beautiful. She loves with boldness and she plays with passion. (My 2 1/2 year old son adores her!) It was absolutely adorable to see Iva put on this oh-so-comfortable assemble from MJC and continue to play. She wasn’t uncomfortable, irritable or begging her mom to change back into her ‘regular’ clothes. She was content to run around in this beautiful outfit! Once again, I was impressed by the details of each piece and just how COMFORTABLE the fabric was that was used for each piece. And it was just perfect that I could sneak some shots of Iva with her equally beautiful Mother! As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reminded of how sweet childhood can be when you are loved authentically and deeply by your mother. Here’s to hoping that the vision for Matilda Jane clothes will shed light on stories of the relationships between mothers and daughters! I’m bound and determined to help my own daughter find her sweet, expressive style as she gets older so she can twirl with confidence and play in comfort! Since we live in a city of 2 million, it’s even more important to find clothes that make you feel beautiful and comfortable – whether you are riding a bus, playing at the park, or exploring the ancient ruins!!! Life really is a wonderful parade!

Lucy Lu is One!!: Matilda Jane Clothing Review

Lucy Lu is the sweetest little one. She exudes joy and passion for the world around her. It is only fitting that we captured her sweet beauty in an outfit that gives her the freedom to explore, enjoy, and chase sunlight, bugs, and giraffes.  Once again, I fell in love with the latest adorable outfit from Matilda Jane’s “Paint By Numbers” Collection. The three pieces that Lucy Lu wore for this session seem to match her boldness, playful spirit, and rough and tumble stage of life. The three items that she is wearing are:

The Turtledove Knot Top is incredibly durable that I am sure that it would last through many years of playing in the mud, climbing trees, and twirling around. While it fits a bit more like a dress now, it would look great when it fits more like a tunic. While it’s a 12-18 mo. size item, I think it could be worn much longer since Matilda Jane has created such a versatile line of clothing!  The details on the Turtledove Knot Top fit with the reputation of all of the other MJ clothing: beautiful colors, stylish designs, patterns that remind you of what childhood should be about, and plenty of buttons, ruffles, and ties!
The gallery leggings and stipple tee were so soft that I’d be tempted to let my own daughter sleep in these clothes at night and then wear them all day. 
I remember crying as a young girl when I had to wear scratchy or uncomfortable dresses… but I don’t see ANY tears from Lucy Lu as she is so comfortable that she doesn’t even realize how cute she is!
Absolute delight.
Lucy Lu is simply precious!!
We had to go outside for a few shots since the sun had finally broken through after several days of heavy rain! Lucy Lu shows her feisty spirit and passion to explore the world in the following few photos.
When you live in a big city like Lucy Lu, a colorful outfit stands out even more against all the concrete!

This adorable outfit from Matilda Jane’s “Paint By Numbers” Collection adds a sweet style to this 1 year old girl’s natural beauty as she delights in the world around her. Each piece fit together in a funky and unexpected way to create a look that was unique to Lucy Lu’s unique personality. The Turtledove Knot Top is a perfect way to be sweetly feminine while tackling the challenges of each day — jumping over puddles, crawling after a street cat, and for this sweet girl, pulling herself to standing so she can grab her little giraffes on a nearby chair. The Gallery Leggings worked perfectly with the Turtledove Knot Top and Stippling Tee but each of these pieces can be paired with so many other clothing items in your closet to add just a little extra style.  The stippling tee would look adorable with a pair of blue skinny jeans too! These items are made to last for many years and won’t fall apart after just a few months or few years. I’ve seen far too many clothing companies these days create items that will literally fall apart after you’ve worn them just a few times so while Matilda Jane may seem ‘expensive’ compared to your trip to a local big box store – you are ‘investing’ (yep, I said it) in just a few items that can be mix and matched to create the same number of outfits for the same budget.  I’d much rather have several Matilda Jane items in my daughter’s closet than have a closet packed full of cheap quality clothes that fall apart when they are worn by girls who are beautiful but also love life with such zeal that they aren’t going to sit quietly in a dress and just let the world pass them by. What a sweet opportunity to capture Lucy Lu as she turns ONE AND get to review such a beautiful outfit from a great company! Thanks Matilda Jane for the opportunity!! And thank you Corrie for the opportunity capture your daughter’s beauty and playful spirit!!